“Blue & White Living” – Stephanie Hoppen frtiz von der schulenburg

Foreword By Patrick Frey of Pierre Frey


BLUE, THE COLOUR OF EYES, THE SKY, THE SEA and of heaven, is probably everybody’s favourite colour. It is also the only colour whose shades can be mixed togheter with an invariably happy result.

Blue also co-ordinates beautifully  with other colours – blue and white, blue and red, blue and yellow. In fact, it   is one the most popular colours used in our daily lives – “Blue de Nimes” or blue denim is a universal favourite. China plates and crockery, bed and table linen, furnishing fabrics, wallpaper and Portuguese “Azurelos” tiles have all favoured blue, whatever the edge or style.


Blue raprsents elegance, simplicity and tranquillity. What other colour commands such enthusiasm, and for so long? In the art world, what painter has not had a “blue” period – Picasso and Matisse are two of many. The greatest interior designers, past, present and to come, never tire of using blue, and all of them, at onte time or another, have wanted to dsign a blue and white room.


Blue has always featured in our own collection of furnishing fabrics. It is a timeless colour which can be used  to great effect in camaieu (monochrome) or in combination with another colour.

This book is a wonderful idea and throughout these pages, you will discover a multitude of shades, uses and locations that Stephanie Hoppen has chosen or created with such great talent and we will always be grateful testament to blue and white and will always be studied with pleasure.


Patrick Frey