We have our own organiser covered by Alcantara. There is a nice motivational poem on the first page that I copied for you. Take a look below


There is a place like no other,
where each thing is unique,
one of a kind.

A magical, ancestral place
where every little detail
gains significance and prestige.

Where beauty has no boundaries
and elegance and prestige.

A place capable of turning into
endless different places and adapting
to the inhabitant’s needs.

A place of excellence, with no exception:
a place called Alcantara.

A true gem in the heart of Italy,
homeland of quality, innovation and
meticulous workmanship.

Where art and emotions
continually take new shapes,
like in a never – ending story.

Alcantara is a veritable catalyst for creativity,
an unlimited source of inspiration
for the avant-garde of today and tomorrow.

A place that speaks to the senses,
where people and the environment
are truly respected.

By making the most of any action in any moment,
Alcantara is the place of contemporary living
recognisable around the world.

A place like no other, where every day is extraordinary.