About me

Hi, I’m Donatella! I am a designer creating experiences, playing with colour, material and textures for products and, digital interfaces. I’m currently based in Amsterdam (NL) where I graduated as UX/UI designer at the Codaisseur Design Academy, and where I still study HTML, CSS, JS to becoming a Full – Stack Designer.

I was in love with art and design from a very young age, learning sculpture, art paint, decoration, restore at the Felice Palma of Art in Massa – Carrara, Tuscany (IT), and then moving to the Polytechnic of Milan where I studied Industrial Product design. The Erasmus program gave me a chance to studied art and culture in Spain where my colour’s projects about building and games for children have started my passion for CMF discipline.

I am a travel lover, passionate about colours, photography, and collector of experiences of life. Originally raised in Italy where I lived in different cities to follow my first internships and works, and yet, I have lived in different countries for a number of years: Spain, France, Ireland, and now in the Netherlands.

One of my jobs gave me the chance to travel in the USA, from Detroit to Los Angeles collecting wonderful experience of life. I worked for more than 10 years as CMF designer for Interior, sport accessories and consumer good, Automotive, Consumer & Electronics, 4 years as a blog writer for an online real estate agency, 3 years as a home stager, and this blog is my nest where I explain my activities, my studies, my improvement or at least I try 🙂

I’m happy to be a Guest Lecturer at Polytechnic of Milan in an International student module called Color Materials and Finish design for automotive Industry, where I give my experience and learn from students and professors, always improving myself.

I love to talk to people and I really love working in a culturally diverse team, learning new things and experimenting. Indeed, I’m improving my Blog where you are reading my story, so, if you see it changing suddenly, it’s ok, it’s me that I’m still doing something!

Feel free to contact me, I am available for a new challenge!

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